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Hey wimzie...

My original enzyme levels were pretty high. Both ALT and AST were around 150, AP was in the upper 200's and GGT was in the mid-300's. So you see my levels were preety high.

I have been taking URSO 250 (1000mg/day) for over a year now. Most of my enzymes have normalized except for the AP which remains in the upper 200's. URSO 250 is the only FDA approved medicine to treat Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and while not a cure, the drug slows the progression of the disease and the time it takes to transplantation.

Gallbladder pain is usually worse in the morning or after fatty meals. Throbbing pain every 10-15 seconds is new to me. The only way to diagnose gallbladder problems is through an ultrasound or a HIDA scan. I had a HIDA scan. Talk to your doctor. Are you having any bowel-related problems????

Hoep this helps.

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