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I am in the process of going through tons of tests to see if I have AIH. My enzymes have been elevated very slightly for about 7 years(that I can trace). 2 years ago my doctor did lots of blood work, ultrasound and a liver biopsy. I have a sometimes positive sometimes negative ANA. The biopsy (which I thought was the definitive test for AIH) came back fine. 2 years ago they told me I didn't have AIH. My enzymes are up again and I went to a new specialist, because the other one closed his practice and moved. He now wants me to have a biopsy again. I just recently had an MRI that was normal. I have no aches or pains I don't feel fatigued, I have no symptoms. I don't know if I go through the biopsy again for this new doctor or what I should do. I go back to him next week, and he also talked about putting me on URSO. You are not alone. I feel sometimes that there must be something wrong, because my enzymes are elevated, and other times I think how can anything be wrong when I had a biopsy that said everything was normal and I don't feel bad or sick?