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Thanks for responding! She just turned 16 the end of March. I actually have the protocol to give to her primary doc so here goes. She is going to get a test does of Rocephin 1gm in 100ml normal saline over 30-60 min. If tolerated it goes as, rocehin 2grams, infused in 100ml over 30-60 min via elastometric home pump.given every 12 hours, 5 days a week.(i think that is if she gets picc, 4days if peripheral iv). The office did give me info on the mid arm protector. Thanks :)

Its funny that you mentioned herx. I was wondering what that was. Thanks so much for telling me. I really had no idea.

The Flagyl is 500mg, one pill 2 x a day, 5 days per week while on rocephin. She is also going to be on Urso 250mg2 x daily 5 days while on rocephin. They said to make sure we have benadryl and we also have a prescription for Epi-pens. They also told me to buy pro-biotics and to take 3 x daily with meals. Weekly lab draws are cmp, cbc with diff.

I figured she would probably feel a little sick after she starts. My son was going to start IVIG and thats what happens withpatients that have that is like a flu like feeling and bad headache.

Thank you so much! If you have any words of advice or anything please do tell. I am very new to this and Im actually lost.

Thanks again,