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Hello to all!!

I am new to this board and to liver disease, as well.
I would love to chat with people that have PSC! It surely would help me to get a grasp of this disease.
So, here is my story!

I am 27 years old; last year in January of 2007 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis (pancolonic; covers my entire colon)
i was hospitalized 7 times in 2007
in July I had a liver biopsy and results came back stage 3 liver disease approaching cirrhosis. my liver functions at the worst were up to 450. Now after being medicated with Urso for over a year, my liver functions are down to 100. And, I am now 27 weeks pregnant! I have fabulous doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philly. So it looks for now that this disease is sustaining, and not getting worse right now. Does anyone know of a life expectancy for this disease? (Although very unpredictable) I have learned alot this past year, and would love to know more to be pro-active. Would love to hear from all of you!
Thanks!!! Best of luck to you all. Stephanie