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Hi Jojo,

My name is Christina. I was just diagnosed with Lymes two weeks ago after 5 years of being sick and the whole "all your tests are normal / you have CFS / it's all in your head" nonsense. I just started my IV Rocephin today and am concerned about gallbladder issues. I just read one of your old posts from 2006 where you said you were able to save your gallbladder with alternative therapies and "showed those ding-dong doctors" haha... I love it! Other than liver flushes with olive oil and lemon juice, I am not aware of what else I could do to prevent gallbladder problems. Would you mind sharing what worked for you. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)


PS. My doctor has prescribed Urso, however, I would like to add as many alternative treatments to prevent gallbladder problems as possible.