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It sounds like to me that your doctor is rushing things, perhaps he's from the school of thought that says surgery solves everything--not the kind of Dr. you want. Gallbladder surgery is the bread and butter for many surgeons.

If you read these boards you will find that 10-15% of people who have symptoms and have their gallbladders removed continue to have problems, let alone the potential complications of surgery.

As people age, most have some gallstones. The key question should be are they causing you pain. This is not to minimize the issue, as a stone getting stuck in the biliary duct can be extremely painful and even life threatening.

Normally the practice is to have a HIDA scan with CCK done to test how effectively your gallbladder is working, BEFORE deciding upon removal.

There are medicines like Actigall and Ursodiol that in some cases can help dissolve certain types and sizes of gallstones. I have had good results from Urso.