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i haven't gone through what you are going through. I have had mood swings without explaination(until recently, now the exp. is hypo. I would be very blou for no reason and then have feelings of rage. Not lasting too long, thank goodness. What helped me cope was my regular practice of meditation. Yup, 20 min of sitting and just breathing every day for 4 years now. Besides being a wonderful stress reliever(its like taking a valium without the side effects) it helps with self awareness. Because of this practice I was able to alertly idendtify the starnge mood swings without getting caught up in them. I split off into being an observer of the moods, as well as having them. This is how I have coped with who knows how many years of hypothyroid I had before the diagnosis. With regular practice you can objectively observe your symptoms without totally being draged down by them. I recomend it for any illness. The more you do it the more powerful the practice becomes and the more powerful the results. Try it ! LOL and compassion, OM