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Hi wobbly,

Don't know why you would need Xanax in addition to a beta blocker. Xanax is a highly addictive, so-called anti-anxiety drug. Many doctors prescribe it indiscriminately, i.e. without regard for it being highly addictive. I became badly addicted to it many years ago as the result of a doctor giving it to me for "stress". I had to go through a 30 day hospital rehab to get off of it safely. If you don't know why you're taking it, don't take it. It is a very powerful drug (ten times as powerful as Valium) and is in the same class as Valium, Librium, Cerex, and several others). I suggest you be sure that you NEED it before continuing with it. Very few people, regardless of their medical condition, actually need a drug like Xanax for more than a few days to a couple of weeks (that's the manufacturer's recommended length of time for taking it).

Most members of this board advocate self-education as one of the most important means of diagnosing one's condition. Without self-education we are all at the mercy of our physician's often cavalier attitudes.