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Saw my doctor today and had to confess I was taking twice the Armour he prescribed. He was cool. He said, "Okay you probably have read up on this more than I have by now, so what do you want me to do?" He's doing the FT3,FT4 and tsh. I don't think I've every had a FT3. He's going to send me out for adrenal testing(he's an MD). Knows I'm going to take care of my ill parents and gave me Valium. :round: I love my doctor. He will call me with results on Friday and he had me give him the optimal #'s for those 3 tests. First dr. in 6+ years that has been agreeable to working with me. Everyday I'm more convinced that I'm going to live. LOL IWL
I am glad you are happy with your doctor! So, he did give you Valium? When are you leaving to take care of your parents? I am sure that is a very stressful situation for you. It is hard to see your parents getting older and especially if they are really sick. My prayers are with you. :angel:
Thanks Bellajoon, I'm here now. My dad who was in ICU is home and seems a little better. My mom has pneumonia(my diagnosis) and won't go to the dr. til she's strong enough to take a shower. AUGH!!! Yes it was my hypo doc who gave me valium. I don't usually take stuff like that, but I'm gonna tonight!!! I wanna go home. Waugh. LOL IWL