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Ativan is a benzo...

Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, Restoril.....

They are all the same thing. The FDA never approved any of these drugs to be taken on an everyday basis.

We ALL know that these drugs are the BY FAR the most "physically" addicting drugs ever made.

They dont get me high, I've never abused them, I DONT LIKE THEM. but I cant stop taking them or I get very sick? Anyone have a clue????
Hello Shonn,

2mg Ativan huh? Hmm I believe that is the largest dose of that particular Benzo available. Franky I would be much more worried about becoming addicted to Ativan than Klonopin. Here is the difference, Klonopin is less sedating much has a much longer action inside the body and that is why docs use it for WDing from the other Benzos. Ativan, MUCH stronger, even than Valium, but a shorter half-life. Everywhere (including the fact-sheet that came with all my Benzo scripts) I read that Benzos are not to be taken for longer than 2 weeks straight. Right now I have an incredible urge to post a link but I want to stay a member so I just suggest doing some searches. FWCadeFoster is right....these are extremely difficult drugs to stop once they have their grip on your brain/nerves. Good luck, Hope you do not go down that road.


Autumn : You hit the frikkin nail right on the head. I think Benzos are GREAT drugs but as an "as needed basis" Xanax is a very fast acting drug. Probably the most oraly "in a tablet form". Great for acute panic and seizures. Even as a pre-op if you are nervious.

PepperAddict/ Jason - Yes I am on Klonopin, I went on Klonopin and Methadone in 1998 and my doctor just kept filling the scripts, not even getting me on a taper. After a year I was putting on WAY to much weight, plus I wanted to work in Law Enforcement so I wanted off all meds. Nobody really even knew about the wd's from benzos at the time so they just kept giving me more FIGURING I was having panic attacts and not wd's. So I was on Xanax 4x, Valium 3x, and K-Pins 2x. That's a lot of hypnotics to "not be abusing, no? Anyway I gave into the benzos and im just going to stay on klonopin for the rest of my life. It makes me feel normal but like at 7:00pm like 2 hours before my next dose I start to tremor. I need to maybe do 1mg 3x a day instead of 2mg 2x a day.

sublingual ativan - They do that with pills that dont absorb well in the GI track. Like the suboxone, but what does.