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Hi TMJgirl,

I can certainly relate to your hesitation to take medications because I actually have a phobia about them for fear that they will make me dizzier. When I first started on paxil for the anxiety I started with 10 mg per day and was pretty good for about4 years..2 years ago I got the labrinthitis and the anxiety was phenonemol! The dr got me to up the dosage to 20mg and it just didn't agree with me. The anxiety was worse, the dizziness was worse and all I wanted to do was sleep. That was when I went back to 10 mg and started on the valium. I still take both and ever though I feel the brain fog and plugged ear I don't have the anxiety over it that I had before.

I feel that if I could see someone (psychologist etc) that it would help alot to deal with the psychological aspects of this however I have no medical coverage for this and it is $200. per hour. I saw a psychiatrist once about a year and a half ago and am still waiting for another app't because they put me on a list. Given up on that!

I wonder if your anxiety is causing your high blood pressure. I know at one point in my life I had such high blood pressure from anxiety that the dr's thought my kidneys the problem. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.
By the way I smoke too and I don't think it has affected me either way. Could be denial but I guess I'm not ready to quit yet.

I kind of wonder if menopause has some effect too. When I see my GP on the 14 I am going to request some blood tests including thyroid, liver function (because of the meds) and hormone levels.

I have found that the trigger point release that the physio therapist is teaching me has helped with the clogged ear feeling. When I do the release on the upper sternocleimastoids I can feel my ear start to kind of pop and open up a little bit. Also I have some itching starting occassionally which from experience tells me that there is some healing going on.

I sure hope this finds you feeling alot better. How is the splint working out?

Take Care,