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How does one become a "life time candidate" to xanax?

I've taken it for about 2 or so years and would LOVE to continue on it at .25 a day, BUT I see my dependency and realize sooner or later I probably have to get off or risk finding a Dr. who will prescribe it for me for the rest of my life. I am 42 and that is probably a lot of years from now.

When I stop taking it I have the same symptoms as you Lisa. Maybe not quite as bad, but my cognative thinking literally goes dead, and brain fog sets in not to mention irritability and panic.

You hang in there. I didn't know you could take xanax to help go off percs. They tell me I could take valium to help get off xanax...go figure. I'm actually considering it.
Xanax...wow, that brings me back. Like Chi said, you can't just stop xanax cold turkey. You definitely MUST go through a reduction/weening process with a doctor. Cold turkey off any benzo (klonipin, ativan, valium..etc) is extremely dangerous. As far as the opiates, the withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable (that is putting it mildly), but it will not kill you (though you may feel like it is). Be really careful if you are thinking of taking the xanax to help you with the withdrawals. I took it to help me off opiates and it did "help", however, it's so important NOT to switch from one to the other. That can be difficult when we are trying to escape all the pain, but xanax is crazy stuff. Just try and be careful. Is it possible for you to see another doctor and get her/his opinion?