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Last week I took my brother to troy Michigan to try and kick his methadone habit. He has been taking methadone (not prescribed) for the last 2 years and not on a every day basis. He was taking between 10 and 30mg per day when he could find it or afford it. So he was going threw withdraws every few weeks. I found a place in MI that uses a drug called Revia. This is a timed released pellet inserted right under the skin, at the pubic hairline. There are two options for the implant - one is viable for seven (7) weeks, or a six (6) month timed release implant as well. The plus side to this method is that the compliance issues are taken out of the hands of the patient, and there is a window of opportunity (either seven weeks or six months, depending on the implant used) where there is no way that the patient can feel the effect of the drugs.
After reading some of these post about methadone it scares me if I did the right thing? He has been off of the methadone for a week and 2 days now and it seemes that he is just wanting to smoke weed and take Valium to substitute for the methadone and make him sleep. What should I do? Did I do the right thing?