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Are you seeing a doc for your addicition problem? if so, ask if you can give you some Ambien for sleep or call your primary and just tell them you are under severe stress and have had insomnia for several days or something like that. I have not tried it, but am going to get a script from my doc on Monday. I am now at 48 hrs with no pills, but have had the Suboxone and some of the people here have suggested I was dosing the right way to eliminate all of the withdraws. Just took a whole 8 mg pill and feel better. Am going to take a hot shower. Did take 2 valium last night to sleep and then woke up around 4 am and took 2 more. Don't want to get addicted to something else, but I can't stand not sleeping, makes me feel worse. Also, I have heard Xanax can help you sleep and help with the anxiety.