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About the burning sensations. Yes, there are so many things that can cause them. I started about 4 or 5 years ago with nagging, not severe pain in my legs right behind my knees, mostly at night and also in my upper forarms muscles. I noticed they hurt worse with weather changes, too. Joints are fine. It progressed from this to burning in calves, arms, thighs. Then from that to sensations of electric current running through my veins!!! Thought I was going nuts. About the time this all started I had been put on premarin. (didn't make the connection til recently) Some of my veins started to rupture and bleed under the skin.....hands and feet. I also had a hiatal hernia for which my stupid Dr. had given me Protonix. After I had been on it for 20 weeks I found out I should not have been on it longer than 8 weeks and the stupid X#@@$$ had just given me a prescription for another 6 months of it. I threw it and the premarin away and went to a reflexologist who has really helped with some natural herbs, vitamins, and supplements. Doing beginning Yoga, too. I was even having hot flashes in the day time and was getting about an hour or two sleep at night. All that has changed and I haven't had a hot flash at all for weeks!!! I am taking 5mg. of valium before bed, but a doctor who is a friend of my husband's gave it to me and says that at that small dosage and only taking it at night I won't get addicted to it. By the way......the dosage is the same as my 15 pound pug dog takes when she's going to have a day that I think might cause her to have one of her seizures....small, loud children visiting, etc. I cut the 5mg pill in half one night and still slept like a baby. That reflexologist also showed me how to fix that hiatal hernia myself without surgery. Oh, how great it is !!!! My blood pressure was spiking for no reason and I had always had very low blood pressure all my life. I'm 54. The blood pressure went back to normal within an hour of the hernia being fixed!!!! Now I'm back to my 110/75. The only problem I'm having now is that some of the veins in my legs are really nasty looking and still hurt if I'm on my feet alot. Walking seems to help them though. If there's anyone out there who knows what to do for these ugly veins, I'd surely appreciate the info. I know there are lots of products out there, but yet to know someone who's actuallly been helped by any of them.The reflexologist gave me something called Vari-Gone, but I can't tell that it's helping yet. Maybe I haven't given it enough time, since this condition didn't come on overnight. The ugly veins are right behind my knees and are really big and blue and some of them have little places under the skin that have ruptured. They don't look like some I have seen on people that are all bulged out in places. Don't want to wear shorts anymore. If it weren't for these veins I might be a spring chicken again. Donna and my pug Sadie