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yes this sounds like a panic attack from the shock. When you go into shock your body expells more oxygen than it should, thats why they tell you to breath into a paper bag, so that you breath back in the expelled oxygen that you shouldnt be expelling .

I had my first one the other day , i thought i was going to die. went faint and flush hot and cold on forehead then my body went completely shutdown and i felt buzzing all over my body and ringing in ears, my hands went into this strange cramped formation and i couldnt control them. Very scary. Alprazolam ( valium ) really helps if you have these.

Just dont take them if you dont need them because alprazolam is addictive. ( its hard to gauge because they dont work instantly and once you have a panic attack its to late to pop a pill and magically make it go away, you just have to try to calm yourself down )