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Has anyone who has been prescribed klonopin gotten REALLY weirded out after taking it? My boyfriend has taken klonopin twice and both times I've had to stop him from putting his clothes in a pile & setting them on fire! :blob_fire

He also gets really angry when he takes Valium. Does this happen to anyone else?
Well, my fiance was diagnosed BP about 2 years ago & his doctor had him bouncing back & forth between Xanax, Valium, & Klonopin. Righ now, his doctor has him taking 10-12 2mg Xanax bars a day - and he functions!!! This is the part that kills me, in order to ween him off of Xanax, his doctor told him to take 10-12 Klonopin a day! My fiance treid explaining to his doctor that the Klonopin freaks him out and his doctor told him to stick with it!

The local pharmacy REFUSES to fill the perscriptions and is threatening to turn his doctor in to the federal government & blacklist him from the pharmacy - because she, the pharmacist, doesn't agree with the amount of drugs he's being prescribed! On top of that, my fiance was a HEAVY drug abuser - now, why would a doctor prescribe a known addict that many benzos, knowing how addictive they are?!