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I can truly understand your fear of addiction. But, remember being dependant on a medication is totally different than being addicted. I, too, am dependant on my Xanax just as a diabetic is dependant on their insulin. I believe because, according to my doctor, benzo's (Klonopin, Valium, Xanax, etc.) are the most abused prescription drug and their has been alot of "hype" about this particular kind of medication, it puts fear in the people who legitamately take them. I
know when my doctor prescribed them to me, I thought, OH KNOW, I am already addicted to one thing and now will end up addicted to something else. But once I got off the pain killers and got myself together again, I realized that I could take this drug properly and it does wonders for my anxiety. I at one time decided, too, not to take my Xanax anymore for fear of becoming addicted and one Sunday morning, we were trying to get ready for church- picture trying to dress yourself, a five, four, and one year old, not to mention get them all fed, getting a diaper bag put together, "hurrying up" your husband, etc., etc., etc! I literally had a full blown panic attack- my husband said, "Go take your medicine right now and calm down- you are giving me anxiety just watching and being around you!" I did and a few minutes later, I was better, and I knew it was okay if we were a little late for church or my daughter's bow wasn't "just right," and so on. I have learned I need this medicine, I use it wisely, and I am thankful, yes, thankful, there is something to help me live a better life! So, take this if you need it and don't abuse it. Ofcourse be careful with it, but it was created for a reason and it sounds like you and I are perfect examples of that. :) Have a great night and I hope to talk with you again. God bless you and your family,