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I've been away for a while, but I thought some of the oldies might be interested in knowing I now have another diagnosis. Hydrops, not menniers but hydrops. I decided to seek out another ENT, who I' had heard was really good. He is an ENT who specialises in dizziness. he thinks I have classic hydrops systems. My only problem with this is that I have never had true vertigo, all my hearing and balance tests were clear. I have constant brain fog, which could be caused by the fluid balance in the inner ear?? and a feeling of pressure again fluid in the inner ear. I have also had lots of blood tests that were all negative, but this week i feel weak and achey, and i wonder if all this is being caused by a mysterious virus. Does anyone else suffer from achey joints and muscle weakness?? Or have constant brain fog?? These symptoms could be stress related as well. I am also being treated for tmj and earlier this year did all the migraine vertigo drugs on another doctors recommendation.

Not all days are this bad, so I hope I don't bring everyone down. Sometimes I feel much more able to cope.

The good news is that my ent says hydrops is very treatable, i'm currently on a dieuretic, serc and valium when i need it.

Another question. If you haven't had vestibular nerve damage do you need to do vestibular rehab exercises and would valium be slowing my overall progress?