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Has anyone who got good resuts from the Cholortrimatine ever tried Benydrl or old fashioned "drowsey" Dramamine (not the meclinze type) and what was your response? There are two types of Dramamine and one has the brain factor (old fashioned) and one does not (meclinzine, i.e. Dramamine II) as I understand it.

Sorry about all the misspellings! ;)

I have had disabling vertigo/nausea for over nine years now. I have constant sinus pain and pressure, many sinus infections. I have sore throat and trouble swallowing. My neck hurts most days. I have constant brain fog.

Any of you who have brain fog and vertigo would find a google search on the words "cognitive effects of a vestibular disorder" very interesting and in many ways relieving.

I have been taking old fashioned Dramamine for the reason of the "brain factor" and had previously been on meclizine for years. I use flonase and sudefed.

In the earlier stages of my condition I was able to keep working using decongestant, expectorant and very low dose valium (Warning: I don't need informational lectures about the addictiveness of it, it was prescribed by a neurologist and I quit taking it just fine two years later).

Then I got worse during a really bad allergy summer and was not able to work or get around very much since then and it has now been three and a half years.

I may very well try the Cholotrimtine (or however you spell it) I used to take it daily for Interistial Cystitis years ago, way before the vertigo/nausea thing started and it worked very well for that. I used to buy the generic brand and it was very cost effective. I just never thought about using it for the vertigo.

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