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Yep, I'm the party-pooper when it comes to benzos...they are sometimes hard to get off of, and get this, Ativan is especially harder than the rest. Just what you wanted to hear, right? But it can be done....I did it. It was a rough ride I would not want to repeat in any lifetime. I am so glad I did it, although in the beginning I wondered if it was possible at all. I was a basket case...glad that time is over for me.

Maybe you could look up The Ashton Manual. It's free online with alot of benzo information. The recommended Valium switch has worked for alot of people although it isn't foolproof as some people didn't have as good of luck with it. Maybe at least it would be something to consider for you.

And go to a dentist! You've been away too long. Tooth problems can effect alot of things. Once I had a painful tooth, then I started running a high fever for no reason and though perhaps it was infection in the tooth....tooth infections can kill just like other infections! I could not get my fever down after 3 days so I went to a doctor for some antibiotic and I was ok after that; the tooth also stopped hurting. This of course isn't what you have described, but it goes to show, don't assume tooth problems are harmless!!! So go get some X-rays at least and know how your dental health stands.

If you have insurance, why not get the C-scan or MRI too. If there is nothing wrong, at least you will have that peace of mind for yourself.....