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6I 'm heading toward one year of being in daily pain, average 5-7 daily, with pain meds and muscle relaxants. I've consulted two neurologists and two neurosurgeons (of the same practice). I've been on medical leave, basically, since April. My leave expires at the end of the year and, I must return to work on January 5 or file for disabilty which, I understand, is virtually mpossible tp get (general waiting period is 3 months to 1 year). If my family has to live that without my income, not to mention our lack of heallth insurance, we are homeless. My diagnosis is DDD in my cervical and throracic spine and herniated discs at L5 and S1, all unoperable according to my neurosurgeons. Even with pain meds (Lortab 10 3X daily, Valium 5X daily, Topamax, and Zanaflex) I am still in pain, esp in the evening, when the nerve pain in my arms, legs, and ribs begins to set in. I posted yesterday about my ns saying I'd have to wait 6
months between receiving a cervical and lumbar epdiural (which makes no sense to me) Does anyone have any experience with the epidurals and how effective they are in mul0t0iple levels of the spine? Does anyone know any reason why I could not receive an injection in my cervical spine followed shortly after by an infection in my lumbar spine? I do know that when I was in the Lexingthon office (the main office) the doctor ordered a cervial and 6throacic injection. I fid fax him a letter asking him to change that order since I know my insurance company will not approve a throacic epdiral , but will approve a lumbar epdiral for my lower back and leg pain. Even after I faxed this letter, I was told by one his staff member that I woulld have to have an apoointment and come in and have in order it. Thiis is a 3.5 hour drive for me. I think I am ready to type up a letter detaling all the wrongs his office has caused me (and there are plenty), and then demand that he place an order for a lumbar epidural.