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I had some mild to moderate acne scars improved. They gave me two Valium and some vicodin to mellow me out and help with the pain. It feels like a rubber band being snapped on your skin over and over again. Not comfortable, but tolerable. They had me put some local pain killing cream to put all over my face and then covered it with plastic wrap for one hour before the procedure. I was also given some antibiotics and something to prevent cold sores. I have very pale skin and it always stays red for a long time after I get a cut, so my skin was red for about a year after. That's not the norm it's just me! I had scabbing and peeling for a few weeks. I had to wash my face in vinegar and water every couple of hours for the first few days after I had it done. Apparently, this kills bacteria. It wasn't comfortable and it was tough waking up to do, but I survived. I didn't see improvement right away, it took about 6 months. I continued to see results for a few years afterwards. My hubby said my scars were a 7 and now they're a 3. I am happy with the results, although it took longer to heal than I expected. I would do it all over again and I'm happy with my results. Make sure you’ve done your homework on your doctor. Some doctors take only weekend courses to learn to do it. That’s not enough! They can permanently scar you or cause discoloration if they use a beam that’s too strong for your skin type. Do your homework on your doctor over and over and over again. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.