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Quote from Rolex:
Happy New year Hugo!

Keep us informed of your progress. ;)

Hi Rolex

Progress? Its new year day and I have a walloping hangover, can't remember too much,there is a motor bike in my lounge room (standing up I might add, never seen it before) and a few sad looking bods around. Which I'm glad to say is very normal so yep I'm progressing well. Even hip feels a lot better. I'll tell you a funny story. Before I went into hospital I set my bedroom up with fridge, phone, ddv, video, rostered my friends to cook and feed etc. Had drugs, valium, books etc at hand..... quite thought I was going to be bed ridden for weeks. Nope, second day out I took myself to the pictures and had dinner out, all that organisation for nothing! Can't wait to get back to work.

Cheers (oooh no!)

Hugo (fC456 12/17)