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Yes, I have had dizziness, but I haven't been surgerized. Laying down with eyes closed - the world was spinning. Plus standing/sitting still and feeling like I was moving. Really freaky (as my 12 yr. old would say!) Anyway, my GP rx valium, and it has been working. Although, not as well as it had. Experienced the moving while sitting still again yesterday, but I've been spasming in the upper trap area, neck and lower skull again. Nothing like feeling drunk, when you haven't even enjoyed a beverage!!
Good luck,
Hi Deb

I had dizziness pre and post op. Seems directly related to irritation of the spinal cord. Not sure I quite understand the mechanism that causes it tho. Asked my surgeon about it before the op and he didn't think it was related. He was orthpaedic and not Neuro. Sometimes I feel as tho I'm not really there/here and am Alice looking through the looking glass. All the walls seem to be outa square, tho I have to say after the surgery up to yesterday my head felt the clearest it had in a long time (apart from new years eve, hic). Guess I'll just have to take it easy until the cord repairs itself. Its difficult when you are feeling good not to overdo it. There are a lot of phsycological factors at play in this recovery process. To be sedentry or not..... what is the balance? Its not as if you can stop when you are feeling as tho you are doing too much becoz by then its too late and you have put yourself back a few days. Incidently Vitamin B helps the repair of nerves and spinal cord. I did take a bit of Valium to calm me down. It is also supposed to be very helpful for pain..... fortunately I don't have that. I bought a blood pressure machine thinking I was having high blood pressure and having mini strokes.. geez those roos in the top paddock must be hopping mad. Thanks for your reply.

Cheers Hugo