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Michele it sound like you are feeling better and I sure hope so. Are you taking any sub at all or are you back on the hydro? You sure give me a lot of incouragment doing what you are doing with little ones to take care of. One thing I learn in AA is we should not be shamed about our problem. It's not like we wanted this to be and some even say it is a disease. I don't know but I think the meetings and God helped me with that part and I don't feel shame any more. I pray so hard and I work on the 12 steps but sometimes I don't think God wants to help me. That is when I am really greatful to have you and others here but specially you because I think you are very brave. I honest wish I could make evry thing better for you, I really do.

The serax is a nerve pill like valium but it is supose to be easier on the liver. I am so afraid I will get hooked on those but they have help me with the nerves and the nausea specially after my dog passed away. I didn't tell you but I have a new dog today from the shelter. I call him Luke and he is only around 9 month old. He can't ever be my other dog but I am already in love with him and he keeps me busy trying to poddy train him. At least I can have a little joy from him.

That paxil is really bad isn't it? I am to see my reglar doc next friday and I will ask him about a difrent one. I took welbrutin once for to quit smoking and it made me feel wired like speed so I don't want that one. Gosh, at least when I took hydro that was all I took. Now I feel like I am 80 with all the difrent pills they want me to take. I do think I will try the nurontin again tomorow because maybe then I won't need that serax. Well I don't know if I make any sense Michele but you are in my prayers and I keep sending positive enrgy to you. Thank you for being my frend here on line.