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Hi Irish and Jimela and others contemplating surgery.

A few more thoughts that should be mentioned. Pre operation, take it easy eat sensibly, take calcium supplements to help bone to fuse/grow. Have phone line ready next to your bed and tell friends that it is there as they often wont ring for fear of disturbing you. Have soft food in the house ready for your return and teach helper how to cook it. My favourite was Congee which is a chinese porridge made out of rice. Recipe: Couple of cups of rice (bismati is good), chicken stock (homemade or carton), chopped spring onions, fresh fish or fine chicken meat. Simmer the rice in chicken stock whilst adding spring onions and meat for about an hour or so. Make sure there is plenty of stock so rice is very sloppy. Easy to swallow, easy to cook and it is an excellent comfort food. Experiment b4 you go in. Have books, entertaiment on hand ready when you get back home. Take your telephone book to hospital. (I almost took a laptop but was fearful it would get nicked). Have your doctor prescribe painkillers etc and have them ready when you come home. Valium actually settles muscle spasms as well as calming the mind. Be particular about your hygene to protect against staph infections. (I shaved my beard off a couple of weeks before). Go out a lot as it will be a few weeks till you are back to yourself (or better than).

In Hospital. Keep calm! Thousand upon thousand have had this operation before you and it has been around for over fifty years! The risks are considered remote. If you are spiritual look for guidance there. (One of my favourite deities is the irish Goddess Brigid, who also so happens to be a Catholic Saint! who says christians and pagans can't work together). Just before the operation in the preparation room have a quick chat to your subconscious to let it know what is going on. It might sound crazy to some but you've got nothing to lose. After the op keep wriggling hands and feet to stop risk of clots, you will probably have compression socks on. You will have drains from the wounds as well as drips and probably a catheter for wee. They are removed within 24 hrs. The actual cut to the throat doesn't hurt at all (couldn't understand why) and they can do a really neat job.

My hip (graft area) was only sore when I stood on it but it took about three weeks before I could walk without pain. My dressings were on for ten days (then I could have a bath! yay).

At home. Do as littles as possible the first week. Definately have someone around to help. Ditch the kids for a week. Its easy to be a martyr but dont. I had sex soon after getting out of hospital..... big mistake! Enjoy your recuperation period without guilt.

I didn't update my will as I considered the risks far too small to worry about.

Love and health, Hugo