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I had my myelogram in December. I really didn't think it was that bad. The worse part for me was when they were trying to get the IV in my hand. My vein kept rolling..it took 5 tries until a nurse that knew what she was doing got it in.

They gave me a valium before along with pain medicine in my IV, pain medicine in my IV during, and then pain medicine in my IV after. I had some pain during the procedure when they were tilting me on the table. I had a complete myelographic block at my C6-7 rupture so the only way to get the dye through was for them to flex my neck and turn it from side to side. I screamed and they gave me pain medicine and it was done. I honestly don't remember them sticking the needles in my back. The only other thing was because I had a CT scan afterwards I had to stay laying flat and the dye was causing preassure on my head...but after more pain medicine I started going to sleep. I slept sitting up the first couple of nights to make sure I didn't get one of those headaches. But I was told the dye they use now is different than it use to be.

So, it really was too bad. Just follow their instructions and you'll be ok. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.