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Pain in arm and shoulder are tremendous, I have had numbness since Oct. Yesterday, while sitting at lunch, I felt a stabbing in the left side of my head, it happened 5 times yesterday, but has been almost constant today. Has anyone else experienced this, or could it be something completly different, ( like I need something else going on).
When the headache subsides I will add more detail to what is going on, just concerned about this, and really don't want to head to the ER.

Thanks! :
I found your original question, and want to reply to your symptoms. I had to go to the ER in NOV. and it took me until the end of Jan. to get MRI/MRA tests, heart test, chest xray, etc. done so that they could see that I have a bulging disc. When my dr. found out I had been to the ER, he worked me in within 4 days and this got the ball rolling. I have been on Valium (I hate it)
and Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) since Dec. 1st - this past week I saw a new neuro and he wants me to be on Lexipro, an antidepressant. I suppose they know what they are doing. I have had a nervous breakdown 23 yrs. ago - this pain is not imaginary - the MRI shows a bulging disc "abutting" against the spinal cord - the shoulder and arm pain you described sound VERY much like my pain - I am slowly losing use of my left arm's strength. My head hurts if my left arm is not right by my left side. Driving a car, pushing the grocery cart, raking, and stairs (doing laundry) also have brought on the migraine headaches and I know it has to be the disc problem. I took 5 wks. of PT and it did nothing - probably made it worse. I see the neurosurgeon next week and I pray he will not take my pain lightly!
I hope you can find out soon what is causing all your pain.