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Quote from jOANNbristol:
I had the ACDF surgery 14 days ago, bone graft from my hip with metal plate, and am doing quite well. I think my surgeon is conservative--he has me wearing the Aspen collar for three weeks (no driving!). Just 8 days to go!

I have a bulging disc at C-5,6 and it is "abutting" the spinal cord; MRI report says it extends into the foramina, causing mild foraminal narrowing bilaterally;
the abutting does not displace or deform the cord.

I see the NS next week and I have heard he isn't knife happy. I have been having migraines for 3 yrs - no other triggers apparent - increased physical activity creates this neuralgia on the left side, behind ear, down in neck, and the left shoulder blade. I have to sleep on a wedge pillow (since Oct.) - What else could a NS offer if it isn't surgery? Why did you not go with the cadaver bone replacement and have bone removed from hip?

I'd like to know about your situation. I am a 51 yr. old female who is so very tired of pain. (on valium, and skelaxin until ns sees me; the neurologist has also switched the valium to lexipro, but I have to fade off valium over a 3 wk. period).