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I already know what I have to do, everything he/she tells me I will already know and don't want to take a chance with another bad therapist.
I've had one that said she can prescribe me tranquilizers, valium what ever I think would do the job. After telling her my sobbing story of my addictive life.
How cold is that. That to me is worst than dealers on the street.
I was almost tempted to.
That was just one bad experience. A good therapist would be great, but I really have had a few, and it's just going to come down to It being up to me again, that's where I get stuck.
I wish it was legal for them to hook something up to me to give me a shock.
You all have really good suggestions and I thank you!
I don't know what I am looking for if it's really just left for me now. I think back and have always had everything taken cared of for me and I think that's why I'm the way I am now, now that it's something that only "I" have to do.
I would of much rather have been neglected than to have Everything taken cared of for me, like I was a helpless moron.
It's almost like my parents succeeded in making me one. I just had to say that, sorry. You all probably don't want to hear that:)
They didn't know any better.
I'll let you know how my first AA meeting went.

Pootsi- Thanks