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I like ALL the remedies I've tried, prescription and otherwise: first off, for an Rx, Librax is good -- also Xanax and Valium if you can get it and want to take it. Librax is very frequently prescribed for what you describe.

Also, try some calming, soothing, chamomile tea --- very nice indeed, any time of or day or night!!!!! The digestive system loves it.

As for other homeopathic stuff, I'm unfamiliar with it but I know there's a lot available. Trial and error may be the key. Above all, try your best to RELAX and talk yourself out of these anxieties -- it's hard, but deep breaths help and recognizing that nothing bad is truly happening -- it's trite but so often true that a lot of this IS all in our heads!

A sympathetic physician can be a Godsend, believe me, and can get you back on the right track. You'll have episodes, sure, but it won't control your life.