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I live in the UK which unfortunately means being almost in the dark ages in some areas of medical science and diagnosis, so can any of you inner ear guys help me out?

I have been suffering with very severe panic attacks for several years which have stopped me being able to work and drastically impacted on my social life and going out with the wife and kids. My Doctor has taken the standard route of giving me a small supply of Valium to take as and when required (his words) and sent me to a pyschologist. Nice lady but hasn't helped the panics and high anxiety at all. Doctor has now put me on Buspirone (Buspar). Been on that a month, no help just makes me dizzy and spaced out for an hour after taking it.

There's obviously a lot of mental and physical causes for panic attacks, but one I have recently seen mentioned is Inner Ear Disorder. Having looked at the symptoms I recognise some - I get motion sickness in planes, boats and can only travel in a car as the driver, never a passenger. Sometimes I feel light headed and dizzy. I do recall as a child waking in the night many times with terrible dizzyness (I'm trying to remember the feeling, but it was 30+ years ago) I can only compare it to feeling like you're being flushed down the drain! I also know that for many years as a young child (4 - 10 years) I had to have my ears syringed out for wax build-up at least once a year. But what I don't ever recall having is the ringing in the ears that so many IED sufferers seem to report.

So my question is, does it sound possible I could have an inner ear problem? I do have high blood pressure and hypothyroidism which clouds the issue somewhat.

I think I've read that a hospital test can be performed (ENG?) that will diagnose it, but my Doctor hasn't heard of it and I can find no reference to this test in my local National Health or Private Hospitals. I've certainly never heard of a 'balance centre' as mentioned on these boards.

Sorry for the long post, but I know that people on this board are so willing to help others, compared to the three minutes consultation with your Doctor. I just want to find out WHY I am suffering, so I can work on getting better. Thank you.