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You don't really say what else (aside from the pleurisy and depression) what is wrong with you. Are you housebound right now? I, too, suffer from depression. My doctor is totally useless. He put me on a combo of celexa and wellbutrin. He bandaids that with valium and T4's. He should have his license revoked. It got so I felt like I had more inventory than my drug store, so I quit full stop and cold turkey. The effects were awful. Right now I'm housebound and expect to be for at least a few more weeks. I'm trying to look on the up side and get alot of work done that I've been putting off.

My suggestion to you is to search out a program called "get the edge" by tony robbins. You can find it on ebay for a fraction of the full cost when new. If you can't get that or it's too expensive search out "personal power" or "personal power 2". You can most likely pick that up for under 20 bucks.

Christmas 2002 I got that for myself. OMG it made such a world of difference. I think I was on the verge of breakdown or worse. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I listened and participated in the "homework" with a totally open mind. I think I can honestly say it probably saved my life.

My darling husband left in that spring, and then in the summer my mom passed away. So I find myself having returned to the black hole. Unfortunately. But I do know it will pass so I'm hanging in there.

Give that a try. I hope it helps you. God Bless. :angel: