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Hi, my daughter didn't detox from opiates, she detoxed from GHB in the hospital. It was the only way. She had gone through a detox through a rehab in 2000. She didn't want to do that this time, she wanted to do it at home.

We called her doctor and got some Xanex and Ambien, but she did not sleep from Monday to Monday. We tried to do it at home, but it was too scary and risky. Took her to her hospital at 5am on a Saturday morning. They gave her valium iv's and Ativan every two hours, they also increased it every two hours. When she still wasn't alseep by Sunday night they gave her Haldol ?
even this didn't work. Finally after a double dose of the valium and Ativan she fell asleep on Monday morning around 8:00. She was not released from the hospital until Thursday afternoon.

I think the hospital is a very viable idea.