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Swallowing problems, loss of voice, and depression are all normal. With my first surgery I suffered from severe depression. But I did recover from it. I was sure that they had messed me up and that I would never be pain free and normal again. But I was wrong. It took about three months for me to get rid of the depression. With a little help from valium and going back to work I realized I was ok.
I have had trouble with my voice this time. I could barely whisper when I came out of surgery. It got a little better in the next week or two and then it seemed to stall out. I talked with the neurosugeon about it at my four week visit. He said to give it some time and to rest my voice. I was allowed to remove the neck brace at four weeks and since then my voice has started to improve again. I am hoping to be able to talk well enough to return to work at 8 weeks post op. I talk all day long with customers at my job so it is important that I get it back.
Sounds like you are doing good but maybe you a little scared of all the new symptoms. It's all natural. Healing takes time. Keep us posted.
Depression after surgery is fairly common regardless of the surgery. Sometimes it is caused by medications, particularly if you take valium and are prone to depression to begin with. I've suffered a bit of depression this time around but not nearly as bad as it has been in the past. I think mostly it was due to the weather being beautiful outside last week and me being unable to go outside and dig in the dirt.
Hopefully you'll get to feeling yourself again soon!