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If you have the clonidine patches, if I were you, tomorrow when you put it on, I would then totally drop down,to like 2-3 vikes a day,then to NONE!!Do you have any benzo's at all?Because here is what I think-Since you have the clonidine,I wouldn't waste those,meaning I wouldn't use those patches AND continue using the vikes.If you have say some Valium or xanax to go along with the clonidine,I would flush the vikes and GET GOING!!!Because at whatever point you stop taking the vicodins, you are still going to experience some withdrawal.First though, let me know if you have any valiums,xanax,etc.Otherwise, if you want to continue to taper, DON'T use the clonidine patches yet!!Let me know what you have, so I have a better idea what to advise you.YEAH!Clonidine!!You're almost there!!!