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Hi all!
Lynn - you would have been soooooooo jealous! Goat Fell is just a few feet short of 30,000 - and you are right - the path at the top doesnt exist - end up scrambling up thro ice and snow - quite scary! Took us about 5 hours round trip - so about long enough for any of us! I think the whole walk was about 16 miles - given that we walked 3 miles to/from the beginning of the ascent and the walk was about 10 miles. The youngest was 12 and the oldest was 65. Mind you - it was the fell runners who made us all feel so inadequate as they passed us by jogging.............
Nope - I didnae fall on Goat Fell! (Tis a Nordic derivation!) It was just tremendous fun. What a climb and what spectacular views from the top of the "mountain" all the way down the Clyde (south)with all its green & purple heather clad islands, and to the north, the snow capped mountains and deep black lochs of the Trossachs and on beyond into the Grampians. We were all as high as kites! Total bliss. Do you remember that feeling when climbing - on reaching the summit? Hey - girl - this is something that you and Alice should aim for........... getting off those awful debilitating, life draining, life wasting pills...... come to Arran? It is unbelievably beautiful in this spring weather.......... still cold and clear.......... but azure blue skies....... daffodils, primroses, broom and heather all flowering on the lower slopes. Just bliss!
And for those religious recoverers............ there is a Buddhist temple on the Holy Isle. Lynn - if you look at your map you will see a tiny island off Arran - now owned by the Buddhists...... you can make a retreat there (from 7 days to 7 years! honest - I kid you not!!). The temple is just the old lighthouse keepers house - really quite small, intimate and spartan. Huge Hollywood types have been spotted getting the ferry to the island. (addiction treatment - stricly spartan and spiritual - no immodium and valium there! LOL) There is some v famous record producer there at the moment.......
The Dali Lama himself is coming to UK in autumn and will personally visit this tiny temple! That will be really amazing. There is no access to the island apart from a wee oary boat! No planes, helicopters or any of that sort of thing........ totally inaccessible exept by sea. Simplicity and serenity.
In fact we spoke to a monk who was on Arran collecting supplies -his name is Tristan - he was riding his bike in full regalia - robes, tonsure and all - spinning his prayer wheel in his hand as he went! A strange sight for sure on a holiday island in the Clyde! Wot a laugh. BUT - that is my enduring memory - laughter.
I know that somewhere in here someone is asking about how good it feels to feel good? Well - have to say I have never, ever felt better in my life than I did on Sunday at the top of Goat Fell. Made doubly good for me for not being on any pills now. High as high can be - all natural and healthy! Glowing! Just high on life. Its also a very spiritual experience to be on top of a mountain? Dont you think? Humbling.
So - that's me for now.
I have to tell you that it is all out there waiting for each and every one of us in here. Life! I would so urge you all just to quit these soul destroying drugs now - just do it. You have no idea what is waiting for you "on the other side". Just a few days of discomfort and then.....................
Come on - you can do it. Just a wee act of faith? Believe me when I tell you how good life is after drugs. I promise.
Oh ho - did Seamus not pop by? - so Lynn/Alice...............
"the question: "can seamus shame us" remains unanswered? LOLOL
Come on ladies - say goodbye to pills - choose life..................