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I have been referered to a surgeon for my spinal stenosis and 2 herniated discs in the lumbar area. I am not afraid of the MGI that has been ordered or even surgery if it comes to that. But I am petrified of a myelogram....from what I have heard of it. I have not been told that I need to have this yet - in fact I have not even met the surgeon I have been referred to yet, but I am wondering exactly why they do this test, and when it is necessary(such as only for a herniated disc in the neck area, ect). I know everyone reacts different to the pain, but does it tend to hurt more if your problems are in a specific area? Also, I realize that they need you to be awake during the procedure and aware of the pain, but.....can they give you something like valium to calm you down during the procedure? Please help me sort this thing out - I am freaking out about it and I don't even know if I need one!! Thank you!!