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Here I am again......lol...........My daugher has the laptop and key board set up much better now fof me to type.....there sitll is liable to be some tyos, but just read past them if possile.

The thing I was worried about the most was pain control and whether I'd get morphine or not. and I did. bit I hated it.....They kept it on a coninuous flow all night and I was still able to hit the button, by 7 the nest morning they took the continous off and I thought I was going to die from the nausea. I could barely keep ice chips or water down, so quit using that by 8 the morning following surgery. I couldn't eat anything on Wed. either.

They got me out of bed by noon on Wed. and I walked from door and back to my bed again. By Wed. afternoon I climbed their little flight of steps and that went okay too. Thursday I was able to eat and physical therapy released me cause I could walk with the walker in the hallway by myself. My cath came out Thurs. a.m. and my IV tubes. They left the little injection port thingy in the back of my hand to give me shots of Toredal, but otherwise was on Percocet and valium. The doc upped my dosage of those two drugs to two every 4 -6 hours and that made a big difference.

I have hardly no swelling at all at the incision site and I think that is because the drain really did it's job. He did'nt remove that til about noon on Wed.

All in all, it was not bad at all. I am sore, but not overly stiff. I have no fever, upset stomach, real siginificant pain and I am VERY HAPPY... The surgeon's assistant told me bedside that both 3-4 and 4-5 were completely herniated badly, and it was a huge mess. He also went on to say it is all fixed now and once I get completely recovered I should feel like a new person. I tend to agree with him. I think I have been suffering needlessly for over 3 years or more.

If you are staring down the face of a fushion two things:...... they are not as bad as made out to be and secondly.......make sure your surgeon is like mine......'GOD-esque'. He is simply the best and would be well worth your travel time to have his skilled hands do your low back repair. I fell 100% confident in his work and ability to make a silk purse out of sow's ear. HE is the best.....

So, till later....... I'll will keep you all updated, but for now I feel fabulous. No pain upon gettin in and out of bed, am able to sleep, no pain gettin up and down from a toilet (and I don't have a riser), no incisional swelling, no pain like that all.

Maybe it was all your wonderful prayers and thoughts that I did it, but I lay a lot to my doctor's skill.

Talk to you all later and let you know....

Love to all here at the board....

Hi :wave:
I am so glad that your surgery went good and that you are breezing thur the recovery time!!! BUT do take it easy and don't push yourself too much! I tend to do that since the percocet and valium takes alot of the edge off I think that I can do things that I normally can't w/the meds. But I pay later for it! So take it easy and rest and let your daughter give you TLC!!!! That was so nice of your daughter to post for you to let us know you were okay. Well I won't keep you since you need to be resting!!!

Hi Baxter and everyone........

Gees, I just had to write this morning. It seems there is so much to tell you all I don't know where to begin......

First of all, I continue to do amazing well! I have a rented walker and it helps to lean on it as I get around the house. I have three of those grabbers, actually from two prior surgeries. One if the best (the heaviest and sturdiest and can almost be used like a cane) but it is broken on the end. The very tip of it. It can pick up bulky things though. Then I have a lighterweight one, but the pincher thing is sprung, but I got a NEW ONE from P.T. in the hospital and you can almost pick up a dime with that one! It is great for putting on undies and pants, etc....

I took my first shower yesterday at my daughter's home and it about wore me out. It is funny to have to rinse your hair first on one side, then turn 180 and rinse the other.......lol......but it works!!! She dried my legs all off for me and then rubbed by my feet with exfolliate stuff and dried them all off. It felt divine. My bed here is so soft and comfy with brand new pillows. I am sleeping about 2 - 4 hours straight without waking up. I am going to try and take 800 ibuprofen and valium today and see who I get along. I always have Percocet and Lortab to fall back on if I get too bad. I get the staples out tomorrow by a local physician since it is so far to go back to where my doctor is located. I see him Jan. 8 for post op followup.

As far as the actual surgery goes, the nurses, anesth. guy and others had me half scared to death before I even got into the operating room. I had NO sedation at all until they put me to sleep. I didn't even see the actual anest. Dr. He was behind me making jokes and talking to me. He give me something while they were sticking the monitor thingys on me and then said something like "now, you should feel a little different there Mary..........now, starting counting backward from 840 million to _ _ _ _ _" and that's all I remember!!!!!! lol............... I had no back pain when I woke up because I think they inject the site with like novacaine or something and then of course you have the pump. The morph. made me so sick I couldn't even suck ice cubes. All day Wed. I was nauseated so they had to give me shots for that. Thurs. a.m. they took the cath out and the IV tubes. Wed. by noon I walked from the bed to the door and back. Wed. afternoon I did the steps and Thurs. a.m. P.T. released me to be able to get up on my own with the exception of having to get those damn socks unhooke> I didn't like those so well.....blowing up and deflating all the time......those suckers........lol...........

By by Thursday I was pigging out on all that rotten hospital food which I hated, but I felt hungry for the first time in a long time. Now my daughter's cooking is absolutely the best!!!!!

The most pain I feel right now is in my upper thigh areas, both sides. They said that would go away first. My low back is sore, kind of over into each hip, but it is not unbearable. And then get this................ when my surgeon's assistand came in Fri. a.m. about 6 he told me I could go home and that I could even DRIVE A CAR BY MONDAY OR TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Of course I will NOT, but apparantly he thinks I will be feeling pretty good.

I think the difference between what I had done and what other fusions are like are many, but the main thing is all in the surgeon's hands. My total surgical time was 2 hours and 15 minutes. This guy, (my doctor) knew where he was going, what he was going to do, got in there, got it done and got back out in record time.) The longer they dilly dally around in there the more pain you are going to be in because of clamping those muscles back for so long. I just can't say enough about him. He has horrible bedside manner, but once you look past that, who cares.

I sent a personalized thank you card to him at his office and also one to the hospital. It was only 2 minutes max til someone was in my room when I needed something. They were the epidimy of what you want a hospital to be. They are neuro surgeons, and then there are expert neuro surgeons. I had the latter.

I welcome anyone to ask me anything particulars you want to know, because I will tell it exactly like it is and how it was.

I feel so good that it is over. I am going to try to go shopping tomorrow about a 30 mile drive from here. I'll use the cart to push for steadiness and my longer pickeruppr thing for a cane if I have to move away from the cart.

Please, please. let me answer anything I can.

Oh, one more thing Baxter........ I have NO swelling at all. My incision is about 7" long or so. That drain sucked absolutely all that junk that makes you swell. I am sure there is a trick to putting thost things in right too, so they will get rid of all that stuff that makes you swell. Bax, I know I you will be okay......I was just super lucky with everything. I don't mean to brag, but I think this board can use some good news and encouragment that if a fusion is imminent it might not be so bad and by God, those durn disks will be outta there ....... NEVER TO HURT YOU AGAIN......... Fuse that sucking lumbar spine so it can not move. What a concept! lol..........

Love to all and I will check back in later today to see if I can help with anyone's questins.

A very relieved and happy Mary