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I suffer social anxiety amongst other things to so I know how you feel. If you WANT help, you can get it, you should probably see a doctor and get a reference to a therapist, psychologist, or you might want to attend anxiety classes? I did that, it was 3 weeks all up but unfortunately i lied my whole way through. They would send us home with homework and well, I wouldn't do it and lied the next day. :nono: So I didn't gain anything from it emotionally, but I still learned a few things. I'm still not willing to get help yet, I just "dont wanna go through it" you know? Because it's all about confronting your fears and well, naturally I don't wanna! But lay off the weed, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate (ooh). It doesn't help ur anxiety even if it seems to. Infact stimulants of any sort should be avoided or minimised. If you're looking for something relaxing, try meditation or yoga or simple deep breathing excercises (A guy in my anxiety class said they gave him the same effects as valium) Or if its release u want, a self defense class or kick boxing might help. I'm not an expert so I'd say goto a doctor, and tell them about ur problems and they'll tell u where to go. Well you said you're ok talking on the phone. MY GOD, I'm the total opposite lol, I can't stand it. But for now, since you're ok with it, try calling the kids help line. I think there are other phone therapy things too (bcuz I once read about a phone therapy course), where you talk to someone without giving them ur name or anything and they can offer advice. Look into it! :D