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anxious people sometimes have severe problems when eating in public or with anyone watching.
theres often a fear of getting food caught in the teeth, coughing or the food going down the wrong way, causing a choking fit.some can only eat when alone
a general fear of causing a scene and embarrasing oneself when eating out is common
anxiety can increase, sometimes causing the throat muscles to make swallowing difficult or impossible
however, the swallowing reflex is automatic and if you just keep on chewing and something distracts you, you will swallow without any problems, without realising it.

valium taken about 30 minutes before eating helps, remember that alcahol with valium can cause sedation
beta blocker meds such as inderal relax the throat muscles and may be an alternative

learning relaxation and stress reduction is the long term answer
a related problem is being unable to sign your name or write anything in public or with anyone watching