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hello everyone i am finally going to have my surgury thurs may 6 th at 8 00 am after 2 years of putting it off i am having acdf w/ fusion and plate on c 5/6 c6/7 i am very nervous and have cancelled this twice in the past due to anxiety and once walked right up to hospital door and turned around and went home i am committed to getting this done and over with as the pain has gotten so bad i can no longer stand it even with meds it comes back like an evil demon after a couple hrs i am asking everyone to please pray many prayers for me to get thru this ok i am so afraid of dying during the surgury or something going horrible wrong as this is the source of my anxiety i spoke with the dr yesterday and he said they will give me an injection of valium as so as i arrive there that he has called them and told them to do so so this has given me some comfort and all my family promise to be there and that makes me a little more relieved i will post as soon as i am able to let all of you know how i am doing the dr said i will most likely be in hospital for 2 days at the most wish me luck
bob :eek: