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Hi All,
It's been a while so I thought I would check in and give you a report on my status with the various medications I am taking.

A very brief recap. It's now been almost a year of chronic symptoms including vertigo, tinnitus, general disequillibrium, motion sickness symptoms, spaceyheadedness.

My diagnosis is vestibular damage from Lab and VN, with Migraine Associated Vertigo as a contibuting factor to my ills.

I've been on Klonopin (a valium related drug) since the end of February, and Atacand (a migraine preventative also used for high blood pressure, although my not in my case) since the end of March.

I gave a report about a month or so ago, and now here is another one. I would officially say that I must have MAV as a factor as suspected because since the Atacand has been in my system for over a month (neurologist says that's about the time it starts helping) my symptoms have dramatically decreased. The Klonopin has also been a big help. I continue to have tinnitus all the time, and I still have unpleasant days, but they are very infrequent. Today was one of them which inspired me to write. For the most part, the time of month when things start getting worse has not shown itself in the last month. I still have the raging PMS stuff, but no significant increase in disequillibrium.

My overall state is that I am running in the 80-90% range about 80% of the time. Unfortunately I still get reminders that I have a problem (the tinnitus all the time, increased symptoms from time to time), and I am afraid to go off the Klonopin and see how bad it is. What's the point at this stage? I am still messed up, but I like my neurologist's plan that if we get the MAV under control we may be able to allow the vestibular stuff to work itself out, and I'll "live happily ever after".

My happiest result of the medications is actually the lack of nausea or morning sickness feelings and wooziness. When that was going on I had to keep a constant level of food in my stomach or I felt just awful. I haven't had that in over a month and I have been able to lose 16 lbs that I gained since this mess began last year. Hurray!

I hope that my fellow dizzy friends are having some better days. Please let me know how things are going.