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Hi Chelley,

i know how you feel about the upcoming esi.i was a wreck. my doctor told me people are usually surprised that it didn't hurt as much as expected. you know what? he was right...for me at least.

i wasn't given any iv drugs but i would assume they would either be giving you versaid or a valium drip. my doctor gave me 2 5mg valium to take 1/2 hour before the procedure.

the needles hurt a little but not anything unbearable. it took about 15 mins for the procedure. when it was over my left arm and chest were numb. that was the scary part. it only lasted a little while though. i was monitored for 1/2 hour after the procedure and then i went home. when the novacaine wore off there was some pain nothing unbearable, just sore. the next day my back was a little sore but i was fully operational...lol

my big problem was the hot flashes. they were pretty bad. they have gotten a little better but not back to where they were before the procedure. my doctor said this is common for people on hrt.

try not to worry too much. i know that is hard to do right now, but try and stay calm, or at least keep yourself busy so your not thinking about it. it will be over before you know it.

take care and i wish you a painfree procedure. just give a yell if i can answer any more questions.