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Hi All

I suppose I should give an update and perhaps give some hope that fusions can be the right thing to do. Not everyone heals at the same rate, so don't get too discouraged...it will happen :)

It's been 4 weeks since my 4-level fusion and I'm feeling pretty good. Just recently I started walking 2-3 miles everyday. I went and sat thru LOTR: Two Towers without having to get up...I'll admit I was stiff but nothing too serious. I do laundry, the dishes, sweeping, mopping, general cleaning, cooking, shopping, and most importantly walking the dog. Things are finally getting back to normal. In fact, I could probably return to work right now if I had to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pain-free yet. Every morning & just before I go to bed I take an Oxy 20mg and Valium 5mg. Occassionally I will have to take a Percocet 5-325 during the day when I've done a lot. I just went & filled a script for Oxy 10mg, so I'll have to start giving them a try instead.

Since I've got 3 months off paid, I decided to be productive. I've decided to make Christmas presents. Yesterday I just finished the top of a quilt that I plan on giving to my in-laws. I'll have to make a list of other things I'd like to make & get started.

I hope that everyone has a pain-free day and I wish a speedy recovery for those who have had surgery recently. To those with upcoming surgery, try not to let yourself get too scared. You have to go in with a positive attitude because it helps with the recovery.

Lisa :)

7-23-93: anterior/posterior 4 level fusion L2-S1 with instrumentation and cages
1-27-03: posterior 4 level fusion T10-L2 with instrumentation

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