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Hello, I have a major spinal injury and have surrived spinal surgery and have had so many MRIS that I feel I can almost read them myself.
Advise-Get to a NeruoSurgeon ASAP. It sounds like you have a dick that has ruptured into the spinal canal and is presing on the cord. This will require surgery to fix. Also call andother Physit. 2weeks is to long. As for the pain get to a Pain mgmt Doc. I take Oxycontin 120mg every12, Oxycontin IR 5mg 2every 4hours, Victon 10/325 2every4hr, valium 10mg, vioxx 50mg and allot other. So you can get pain relief. Your PCP is not a surgen and that is what you need!!! Anything else I can help with let me know!!