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Thanks for the support and suggestions all.

Injuy - Fell off a chair fixing a clock in November of 1999.

I did have a disectomy on L5-S1 on April 17, 2000. Back continued to be a problem. Consulted physician numerous times, got put off with drugs. Finally, in extreme pain, put on large amounts of morphine and valium. Leg went numb the very next day. Then I saw my doctor (who has been my family doctor for like 17 years and delivered my children so he damn well knows me) first off questioned my alcohol consumption (which was nill) twice, and then decided that there was indeed nothing wrong me and it was all in my head.

Five days later when I began to have bladder/kidney problems, and a CAT scan showed a ruptured herniated disc - that finally got admitted to hospital. MRI, surgery - laminectomies on L4 and L5, disectmy on L4-L5, spinal fluid leak. Bladder function returned somewhat to normal about 24 hours after surgery. Problem was because nerve was pinched that controls bladder muscles was compromised and it will continue to be a problem. Seeing a urologist in a couple of weeks to see if he can help.

Hoping you all have pain free moments.