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Don't be sorry for rambling...that's what this board is for! :)
Wow, you sound so much like me. I'm glad you have a supportive family. That helps so much. My husband is supportive most of the time, but I think it's hard for him to understand what I'm going through. I also have 2 little girls who help keep my spirits up. My husband works a lot, so I'm always worrying that I might pass out in front of my kids. My 4 year old did see my most recent episode and I regained consciousness to her laughing. I guess she thought I was playing around.
This all started for me about a year ago. I was in a car accident in May and then I was dx'd with thyroid cancer in June. All of my symptoms started around then. Of course, my dr. blamed all of my symptoms on stress and anxiety at first. I do have a long history of an anxiety disorder, but I truely believe some of my symptoms have to be more than anxiety. You mentioned that you experience head pressure...this was my worst symptom for a few months. My husband told me that I was grinding my teeth at night(which I didn't even realize I was doing). I started using a mouth guard and I noticed my head and jaw pain starting to go away within a week. My Dr. also prescribed me valium to take on an as needed basis for tension headaches. This also helps when I start to feel head pressure, but I don't take it much anymore because it makes my dizziness worse.

Good luck with your Dr.'s appt tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. Let me know how it goes.