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Hi everyone. I too have suffered from TMJD for about 5 years. However, mine was bad enough that my first and only line of treatment (outside of Valium and Vicodin at the same no less :yawn: ) was surgical. I know I had read many horror stories about these surgeries, but mine was a godsend. I was eating through a straw for 8 months because I could only my mouth as far as to get a straw in it. I don't really know about the displaced discs because mine were completely gone. What if any was less was removed and it greatly improved my opening. Andy I hope someone can find a solution to help you and I know my situation is different from most TMJ suffererers, but I also had severe headaches, neck aches, ear aches, tooth aches (any other aches I'm leaving out LOL) and was dizzy from it as well. Please go to try to find a reputable Oral/Maxillofacial surgeon and get one or two more opinions. Good luck!!!!